- Planet X's own Thomas DeSoto is a globetrotting filmmaker and photographer also helped produce the legendary surf film series, "The Search Series with Tom Curren."

4WALL.tv Celebrates the independent film world and the art film houses everywhere (indy theaters) with a series of special PR events, in-theater programs, local film festivals, online TV ventures and theater fundraising activity on a grand scale!

Definition - "four-walling" is a form of film distribution and exhibition ... in which a film distributor or producer rents a theater for a fixed amount, pays all advertising and operating costs, and collects all box-office receipts. The independent surf and ski film industry with legends like Warren Miller made 4WALLING part of their sub-culture!

The good old days of independent sports film producers in the surf and ski world; specifically Bruce Brown of "Endless Summer" and dozens of other hard working artists who worked all year shooting, editing and then planning their screening season (a long hard road of small theaters, movie posters, ticket sales and running the projector!). 

4WALL.tv is here for the indy film spirit and the small town theaters that are still showcasing amazing films ... yet need help to survive the current issues of the world!

AVON THEATRE • Stanford, CT • 272 Bedford Street | Stamford, CT | Box Office: (203) 967-3660

PORT THEATER - 2905 E Coast Highway. Corona del Mar, CA 92625

PARAMOUNT THEATRE - 1621 Glenarm Place Denver, Colorado 80202

LA PALOMA THEATER - 471 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA -

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