This is the final Directors cut for Steel Pulse's new music video entitled "RIZE" created by Thomas DeSoto, (Auteur of Photography) showcasing the indigenous people of Hawaii's continuous struggle to protect their sacred land on top of Mauna Kea on the big Island!

-Planet X's Thomas DeSoto is a world famous photographer who will be overseeing a whole new generation of talent & media content for Planet One Ventures, Inc. (POV).

Thomas DeSoto stars in new national TV campaign promoting voter education and civics!

Working from Planet X's new 200 acre adventure compound and arts facility in the San Diego area, Thomas DeSoto will be working with art & film students from all over the world on eco-based media content for a better world and Planet One Foundation! 

As director of the new Z-Campus program, a global media program promoting Cultural Diversity with film students worldwide, Thomas DeSoto will lead a New Arts Revolution!

    Planet X's long term Director of Photography, Thomas DeSoto is spearheading a new Planet One Foundation global media campaign to involve the arts community... the following music video from the music group, Steel Pulse is a recent production of Thomas DeSoto and Planet X Television that reflects a positive message, "Rize".

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